About Us

All Scrapbooking Stuff is a website dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest scrapbooking supplies, We carry a full line of name brand products from many the top vendors in the industry. We also specialize in custom page kits, die cuts, explosion boxes, and overlays.

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Scrapbooking Events

If you are interested in attending one of our Scrap Events please follow our Facebook Page Scrapbooking Stuff. our events are published on Facebook and usually sell out three months in advance. We have door prizes, light breakfast, lunch and gourmet dinner with desserts. Beverages are also included the entire day. Stay entertained with our available DIY projects, full line of scrap supplies, door prizes and raffles.

Cancellations are entitled to a full refund Only if your seat is able to be sold to someone else. We make every effort to sell your seat but their is no guarantee.

Our Story

My name is Christina Zabbatino. Since I was a 6 years old I had a passion for preserving memories. I would always sit with my grandfather and make collages with some of my grandparents old pictures. It was my favorite thing to do. I was very close with my grandparents and they always loved talking about old pictures and the history of their relationship or vacation trips. I was fascinated by this and instead of a diary I would make picture books. I thought it was so much fun I would invite my close friends over for a picture book party. Little did I know this was my first scrapbooking event. As life went on and we got older my friends and I would use this as an excuse to get together, hang out and catch up on each others busy life. Fast forward many years later mid 30's I had acquired quite a bit of scrapbooking supplies, books and my house had a room dedicated to just scrapbooking. The first time my future husband was over my house he saw this room and was in immediate shock. He said: You do this too? My mother is crazy for this stuff. Shortly later I met Bridgette Zabbatino. She had a bigger collection of stuff then I did. It was very clear to both of us we shared a passion for this craft and we started to fantasize about starting our own business. With a little encouragement from friends and family we opened an office and started using our unique crafting abilities to cater to clients. We make custom invitations, dye cuts, page kits, overlays, name tags and so much more. After some success and the thrill of doing what we loved we advertised our first scrap event. It was surreal going from my parents kitchen to a huge room at a nice hotel space. Our first event was a Huge success. Since then we have always been sold out for every event we have held. The best part about the events is hearing how much fun everyone has. Making new friends and best of all Brigitte and I get to preserve our memories and help others do the same in a fun creative way.